Our Contributors

All content on The Site of Big Shoulders comes from individuals who submit their creative output to be presented in our online magazine. Many contributors see their work highlighted in individual feature articles, however, contributors also help The Site of Big Shoulders by supplying ancillary content like original art or photo illustration to accompany a written story or poem.

The Site of Big Shoulders is extremely grateful to the following individuals who have provided the original, Chicago-style content that comprises this online magazine. If you are interested in being a contributor, please see our Contribute page.

Carrie Olivia Adams, Anne Alt, Carolyn Alterio, Paul Barile, Samn Bergman, Mike Beyer, George Black, Doug Boldt, Rine Boyer, Tom Brand, Phil Brody, Mike Browarski, Gina Buccola, Janet Buck, Zbigniew Bzdak, Vito Carli, Ron Carrerra, Nancy Carrigan, Gardner Christensen, Gordon Clarkson, Deborah Cottington, Tom Denney, George Dessev, Yvette Marie Dostatni, Stephanie Eiger, Jake Eldridge, Robert Klein Engler, John Flak, Doug Fogelson, Tomas Gossett, Cathy Haibach, Jack Harrow, Bruce Hollett, Sean Hopp, John Horvath, Chris Jones, Robert Kameczura, Michelle Keim, Jenn Kenn, Justin Kerr, Bill Kirby, Lee Kitzis, Rick Lazarus, Royce Lee, Jack Lowe, Roger Marsh, Mike McClone, Tricia McInroy, John Moss, Brian Murray, Chuck Mutscheller, Bob Nemtusak, Duffy O'Connor, James Ogle, Dylan O'Leary, Ryan Sean O'Reilley, Melissa Oresky, Kimball Paul, Dana Peters, Lisa Phillips, Mark Phillips, Dusty Pilger, Karen Reimer, Ron Richter, Ben Rubin, Jason Schirmer, Mark Shepherd, Steve Sherrell, Yvette Kaiser Smith, Theresa Sofianos, Jason Stavroupolos, Ann Sterzinger, David Stowell, Lisa Tadeusiak, Doug Tanoury, Marvin Tate, Dirk Tiede, Bill Teitelbaum, Steve Vick, Cara Warfield, Heath Williams, Miq Wilmnt, Paul F. Wolf, Pete Wright

We would also like to thank the following individuals who have served in the past as staff members for The Site of Big Shoulders:

Anne Alt, Carolyn Alterio, Jodi Behrens, Betsy Bevelacque, Erin Brauer, Mike Browarski, Ron Carerra, Sandra Castro, Deborah Cottington, Yvette Marie Dostatni, Cathy Haibach, Amy Hahn, Doo Kim, Esteban Montes, Brian Nemtusak, Melinda Roenisch, Erin Sandberg, Malcolm Taylor, Matt Wade, Cara Warfield