Our Supporters

The Site of Big Shoulders is extremely grateful for our friends and supporters, including the following individuals and groups who have helped us over the years:

Enterprise Agility 

Provider of The Site of Big Shoulders' current office and headquarters, aka The Space of Big Shoulders.

The City of Chicago 

Our beloved city provided The Site of Big Shoulders with three CAAP grants which were instrumental in providing funding for our 501(c)(3) registration and initial promotional materials.

Think Development Group 

Think Development Group previously provided Web hosting for The Site of Big Shoulders and has provided material and logistical support for some of our events.

Prototaph Interactive 

Prototaph Interactive currently provides Web hosting and related services for The Site of Big Shoulders.

Astellas Pharma US, Inc. 

Astellas donated four workstation computers for use in The Site of Big Shoulders office and Web production facilities.

Salvage One 

Provider of The Site of Big Shoulders' first-ever office space between August 2007 and May 2008. 

Many fantastic music groups have donated their performances at events held by The Site of Big Shoulders, including the following:

Urban Djin Twang Bang
The Cells  Son Trinidad

Numerous individuals have helped The Site of Big Shoulders with donations of funding, equipment and in-kind services, including the following: 

Gary Peabody Sanjay Agrawala Jodi Behrens David Heidt
Bruce Hollett Chris Brandely Urban Djin Yvette Marie Dostatni
Cathy Haibach Royce Lee Chuck Mutscheller  Byron Uytiepo
Zbigniew Bzdak Frederick and Erin Brauer Dave Homan Marianne Schaefer
Sarah Scott

The Site of Big Shoulders thanks all of our supporters, who help us bring original Chicago arts content to the Internet and to events around Chicago. If you would like to support us in our publishing mission, please visit our Donation page.